Film Update

Working to get to the fun part

When most people think about they imagine fancy cameras, make up, and lit sets.

What few people consider are the hours and hours of prep it takes to get the point where the cameras are turned on. When you’re an indie filmmaker, the hours taking care of the business side feel extra brutal. All you want to do is grab the camera and go create something amazing. But it’s the preparation that can be the deal breaker that separates the mediocre projects from the great ones.

Tonight, we’re reworking the pitch packet. Again. Even though I’d rather be doing something more fun (like uploading our PIFA photos!), I know that it’s both necessary and worthwhile. This film has become “my baby” and I am determined to care for it in the best way that I know.


Melodie is the director and producer of Spirit of Tivaevae. Born in New Zealand to a Cook Islander father and American mother, Melodie was raised in the United States. Her family background gives her a unique perspective on being a Pacific Islander raised outside the culture.