Film Update

KNX Radio Feature

Guess what?! We’re on the radio this weekend! KNX 1070 reporter Ron Kilgore did a feature on our Seed&Spark campaign and the piece will be airing throughout the weekend. Listen online here to see if you can catch it!

For those of you not near a radio or computer, listen to the feature below:

My first time on the radio was as a teenager (thanks to Brian “The Doc” Halliday and his Inside Soccer show). I’ve had the radio bug ever since. In fact, it was radio that drove me into a Broadcast Writing class at Palomar College. That class was the catalyst for switching my major to Radio & TV, which is how we all ended up here.

Radio took a painfully shy kid who preferred to be invisible and it gave her a voice. It taught that kid that she could speak and others would listen, an incredible gift. For these reasons, I will always love radio. I haven’t done any on-air work since I graduated from Biola, so it was extra special to have this opportunity on KNX.

Mahalo, Ron!

P.S. We’ve got about 11 days left to hit our goal on Seed&Spark. With your support, we’ll be there in no time! Click here to contribute.

Melodie is the director and producer of Spirit of Tivaevae. Born in New Zealand to a Cook Islander father and American mother, Melodie was raised in the United States. Her family background gives her a unique perspective on being a Pacific Islander raised outside the culture.